Course Overview

About this course

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to articulate what CBD is
  • Understand the history of CBD and it's legal status in the US and Internationally
  • Understand the benefits of CBD on the skin
  • Develop a plan to incorporate CBD/Hemp into your service menu and retail plan for your spa or salon

If you have friends and colleagues who are interested in making money with CBD and Hemp in their salons or spas, don't be selfish! Let them know about the course so that they can enroll too.

Welcome to CannaB Academy's 1st course!

This course is designed for licensed or aspiring estheticians who wish to use CBD and/or Hemp in your spa but you're not sure on how to get started. My spa, CannaBSpa, is the first of it's kind in Georgia and we are headquartered in Atlanta. I was able to make my business profitable in just 6 months of business and I'll teach you how I did it!

My goal is to teach you the core things you need to know about cannabis in the beauty industry to help you get started. CBD/Hemp is growing so fast in the beauty industry that I don't want you to miss out! You can take this course at your own pace. It shouldn't take you more than about four (4) hours total to complete it. Please be diligent and read through/complete all lectures. At the end, you'll receive a CannaB Academy certificate of completion.

I'm excited to teach you what you need to know about CBD/Hemp, its' amazing benefits for your clients' skin, and how to earn extra money beyond your basic service menu. How? Start selling CannaBSkin and other CBD brands in your spa and MORE!

-Brittany Angelica

Founder of CannaB Academy

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